Bad at Rap
A Mix by Cuzzo D of Not the 1s
[01] DC Talk "I Luv Rap Music"
[02] Outlaw Posse (f/ David Faustino) "Brand New Star"
[03] Icy Blu "Its Your Birthday"
[04] Mr. T "I Am Somebody"
[05] Darryl Strawberry "Chocolate Strawberry"
[06] Hulk Hogan and The Wrestling Boot Band "Beach Patrol"
[07] A to the D "The Renegade Jew"
[08] Dee Dee King (aka Dee Dee Ramone) "German Kid"
[09] Brian Wilson "Smart Girls"
[10] MC Skat Kat and The Stray Mob "I Aint No Kitty"
[11] Vanilla Ice "Havin a Roni"
[12] Biscuit "Biscuits in the House"
[13] Elvira "Monsta Rap"
[14] Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks "City of Crime"
[15] Surf MCs "Cant Get a Tan"
[16] 2 Bigg MC "High on Your Love"
[17] Joey Lawrence "I Like the Way (Kick da Smoove Groove)"
[18] Gerardo "My Name Is Not Rico"
[19] Aaron Carter "Thats How I Beat Shaq"
[20] Ron Artest "Michael Michael"
[21] Kids Hit Masters "Crank That (Soulja Boy)"

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